Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet Irwin. In a word...CUUUUUUUTE.

Cute dog. Cute name. Cute legs. Cute bum. Cute eyes. Cute ears. Cute everything.

My landlord's brother has the yummiest dog, Irwin. Sometimes he has sleepovers at his auntie's house. Which means I'm the lucky lady living downstairs who gets to visit/borrow him and shower him with love. He reminds me of another super cute and amazing dog, Face.

He's even cute when he's peeing on the arugula.

Kisses kisses kisses.

This is back in Oaxaca when we first rescued Face. She's around five weeks old here. Her and Irwin could be siblings.

Seriously! Awwwww.

Then she got bigger, stronger, and...er....crazier. But we loved her just the same, bite marks, scratches, ripped clothes and all.

We recently got an update about Face. She's doing really well and living happily in a village in the Oaxacan mountains with the vet's sister and her family. A happy ending indeed.

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