Thursday, April 16, 2009

Phil Bergerson at Stephen Bulger

I went to see Phil Bergerson's Sublime Encounters show at Stephen Bulger Gallery a few days ago and loved it. He was one of my photo profs at Ryerson and I'm always keen on checking out his work. His photos are captivating, curious and..well..sublime.

The show closes on Saturday, April 18 so hurry up!

Below is an excerpt from "Sublime Encounters" Press Release:

The gallery is pleased to announce our fifth exhibition by Canadian Phil Bergerson featuring his most recent work "Sublime Encounters".

Spanning the last fifteen years, Phil Bergerson has traveled extensively across the United States, photographing cities both small and large. His last series, "Shards of America," was an ironic commentary on the culture of the United States. It harnessed the best of documentary traditions, interweaving a selection of powerful themes to present a critical examination of America's rich social landscape. In his most recent body of work, "Sublime Encounters," Bergerson continues his investigations of cultural detritus of everyday life but with a more poetic approach. He is interested in exploring the complexities of what it is to be human with less emphasis on the American experience.

Bergerson's photographs are poignant records of the beauty of 'organic' installations, small moments created through a mixture of human intent, nature's intervention, time and his own curiosity. The photographs document that which people consciously and unconsciously leave behind - that which speaks about them as individuals. Often the residue of these elements is so subtle that detection is difficult. "Sublime Encounters" refers to the awe inspiring moments of recognition that a photographer experiences when contemplating sets of relationships that suddenly becomes deeply and clearly "seen". Bergerson's images transcend the viewer's vision of our urban landscape by presenting us with an original perspective that is consistently moving and entirely unforgettable.

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