Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I thought I would post some photos that remind me just how incredible our planet is. Take orchids for example. They are one of the most beautiful and fascinating flowering plants out there.

Last April, Jean and I (both long time orchid lovers) spent a while photographing orchids at a private botanical garden, La Encantada, in Huayapan, Oaxaca. Octavio Suárez has collected more than 700 orchids and his dedicated efforts protect approximately 90% of the species known in Mexico. Octavio is so passionate about orchids and it was inspiring to learn about them from him and explore the stunning world he has carefully created and conserved.


  1. That is some sweet flora porn. Brava.

    DrAwkward (at your servce)

  2. Why thank you doc. Orchids are purty.
    Very exciting to have your comment on this blog. Welcome! Please come again.