Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kate Ingold

I'm so happy Kate Ingold came into my life. We met in Oaxaca, instantly connected and have been friends ever since. I love it when that happens, it's rare. Kate is a beautiful artist and poet and all around incredible individual. She is a constant source of inspiration for me. No matter where she's living, what she's doing or how busy she is, Kate always manages to carve out time to write and make art. Oh and she's got a blog too!

Here are some of her pieces. She's represented by Roy Boyd Gallery in Chicago.

Eternally Beautiful and Everlasting, Multi-Media on Archival Paper, 2006

To Protect the Unknown from the Unknown, Multi-Media on Archival Paper, 2006

Untitled Study, Multi-Media on Archival Paper, 2006

Half the day I searched for what was lost, Multi-Media on Archival Paper, 2005-2006

by kate ingold

half the day I searched for what was lost:
book of stamps
keys to the house
your wedding ring
I found a half-born blue jay by the back door
feathers more like fur
eggshell splinters scattered over
a burning body

held in the crux of my hand
the jay shivered as a new-born
the heart fluttered
beat asymmetrical rhythms

above me in the still-bare arms of an ailing tree
two jays screamed
took flight
left me
to wash my soiled hand

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