Friday, March 27, 2009

The garden project!

The process has begun. We're digging up some of the yard in order to expand the garden. It's coming along beautifully and very quickly. It helps that the soil is so great and that 2 people are doing the work, especially when one of them is Dutch and extremely skilled with a shovel. It also helps to not be striking rocks, bottles or bricks with every jab of the shovel, which was the horror and frustration of digging our garden in Mexico. Now that took a looooong time.

It's not a big garden by any means, but it's super cute and gets full sun and I can't wait to start planting! Climbing sweet peas, arugula, spinach and maybe even shallots will be the first to go in, hopefully this weekend. And soon....tomatoes!!!

It's almost done but still needs more weeding, hoeing, fertilizing and a little stone pathway so we can collect the fruits of our labour without damaging the garden. I'd also like to line the curved edge with potted flowers and herbs. All of this makes me incredibly happy and having dirt under my fingernails is what it's all about. And in some ways, when the sun is out and the breeze is just right, it feels as though I'm digging in the garden, in our beautiful yard, in our little village in Oaxaca. Almost.




Working on the Mexican garden

Our happy and oh so large yard in Oaxaca

The garden in rainy season


  1. Now that's a mighty fine start to a garden, Kinger! xocw

  2. Thanks lady! We're both pretty excited about it. I will give you some garden goods for sure.