Friday, July 3, 2009

Have I missed Palin? You Betcha!

Yes sir ree Bob I've missed her! The way she speaks in one giant run on sentence. How she can ramble on for so very, very long and at the end of it we're still left wondering: what the *@#% is she talking about? And how she loves saying things like (and this is word for word): "So I choose for my State and for my family more freedom to progress all the way around so that Alaska may progress I will not seek reelection as Governor."

That's just one gem! There are more! So. Many. Gems.

I say instead of fearing her, embrace her. Because when she does run in 2012 then Obama is guaranteed a second term. It's in the bag. We should really all be thanking her now for making it so easy on him down the road.

Happy weekend!

Also, this is my favourite part of the whole thing. The camera pans over to this arm folding family for an awkward period of time. I love them. So white and blonde.

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