Monday, April 12, 2010

Cue the food pics!

So it turns out, despite what I've read and heard, the food in Cuba ain't so bad after all. The simple meals are the most enjoyable, when the flavours can really come through and aren't distracted by smoke and mirrors (see Asain restaurant photos). I think we lucked out at the resort because there were so many options, the food was fresh, never had to eat at the buffet for dinner, and we mostly stuck to seafood.

Out of the four restaurants at the resort, the Cuban Creole restaurant was by far my favourite. Simple food, full of flavour and cooked with love. And the staff were amazing. They gave me mini Spanish lessons, so helpful!

My favourite meal! Fried whole red snapper, rice and beans, grilled zucchini and peppers, garnished with crispy plantains. Home run. Brought me to my knees.

Fresh fruit for dessert. I could eat guava all day long.

Same Cuban restaurant, different night. Second favourite meal. Lobster in a white wine, butter and garlic sauce with grilled eggplant, peppers and potatoes. Sooooo good.

Buffet breakfast, not too shabby. Again with the yummy guava.

Surf and turf at The Grill restaurant. Tragic melted cheese covering the (otherwise tasty) surf and a sad sauce smothered on the (otherwise tasty) turf.

Jean trying to figure out how to remove aforementioned tragic cheese.

The "Asian" restaurant was a bit of a bust. When incredible sushi is readily available in Toronto, the standards are pretty high. And it just feels wrong to eat sushi with a knife and fork. Don't even get me started on the cream cheese. Shiver.

They called this chicken teriyaki but it really wasn't. The chicken took a seriously long time to chew, which was actually really funny. But when the bottles of vino and champagne are flowing...who cares?! It's alllll good.

Red snapper ceviche with a balsamic glaze.

Lobster again, cause when in Rome...

Went to a restaurant in the city of Santa Clara one afternoon. We were curious what the tortilla con jamon y huevos would be like but when it arrived we were confused. Not anything like the tortillas in Mexico. Small cubes of ham on scrambled eggs with toasted white bread. Very bland and boring. Not so much a tortilla at all really.

Hamburguesa, mojitos, Beck's, Lonely Planet and people watching.

This meal was so nice, I ordered it twice. Perfect for dinner on the last night.

The wonderful Ariel y Juan at Cuban Creole on our last night, closing down the house. He sent us on our way with happy bellies and a bottle of bubbly.


  1. wow what a trip you guys had. all the photos are stunning. looks like so much fun!

  2. Thanks Rhy! It was such an amazing trip! Next time I must see Havana.

  3. Wheeee! I want to go to there. And the feets series make me want to stick my feet in some sand. Mmm, sand.

  4. Jenn, one day (maybe next winter?) we should do a girls' trip there for sure. Find a great deal, find a week off, grab some ladies and away we go!